What’s the First Step to Getting Happy with your Body?

Imagine feeling good about your body. Imagine having a sense of how to address your body’s changing needs. Imagine being able to decipher your body’s subtle aches and pains and turn them into greater understanding and solutions. Imagine a time in the near future when you feel comfortable in, confident with, and relaxed about your body. A time … Read more

Are You Harming Your Body by Escaping Shame?

When we shame and blame ourselves, we create feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment, and levels of self-loathing. After a hefty dose of shame, our survival mechanism kicks in and we desperately, nearly unconsciously, develop ways for us to escape these negative feelings. We emotionally flee by either numbing the bad feelings or overcompensating to create good … Read more

Is your Perfectionism Harming your Body?

Are your high standards for your body helping or harming you? Failing to meet high standards can lead us right down the rabbit hole of shame. Somewhere along our life journey, we absorbed messages our body should look, perform or feel a certain way. We judge ourselves, based on these invisibly acquired high standards and … Read more

I’m Not Surprised Corporate Wellness isn’t Working, Yet?

A recent research report showed an 18-month, seemingly comprehensive, corporate wellness program showed little to no measurable benefit in the area of decreasing absenteeism, healthcare costs, and individual health scores. I didn’t really want to write this article. I almost let it slide, after all, it was the weekend. As the weekend wore on, however, … Read more

I Discovered a Bad Habit..

I’ve been thinking a lot about how habits are formed and how habits, particularly bad ones, truly change the way our mind works. Habits are just ways of thinking that we’ve settled into – and if we’re not careful, we might not even notice a bad habit when we’ve settled into it! That’s what happened … Read more

Does Shame Discriminate?

Yesterday during a talk I gave on getting happy with our body, a gay gentleman revealed his body shame. He spoke of how within the gay community, there is a significant amount of harsh criticism and judgment around how men’s bodies look. A woman in the back of the room murmured “…try being a woman”. … Read more