Making Peace with Time

How much time do you give and gift your body?

Do you take time to make yummy food?

Do you eat slowly enough to enjoy your food?

Do you take time for walks in nature or other activities that bring you joy?

Do you take time to visit your doctor for annual checkups? Or is time your enemy?

Do you often catch yourself saying, “I don’t have time”?

Here’s the thing—we all have time until we don’t. We don’t know when our time runs out. What matters is what you are doing with the time you have. Now, there are certain periods in our life where we are heavy with responsibility and time for ourselves is at a minimum. When this is the case we can invest more in Attention and Energy.

So even if your time is short, you can still pay attention to your body with a quick check-in, for example, when you are stuck in traffic. Sitting on that freeway is a perfect opportunity to place your attention, for a brief moment, on a deep breath. Or relax your grip on the steering wheel. Do a little spinal twist while at a stoplight.

You have time throughout your day to invest in your body. Don’t worry if you don’t have two hours every morning for a perfect sit-down breakfast and a fitness class. Short moments, taken consistently over a lifetime, add up to big benefits.

Ask Yourself and Journal …

How much time do you invest in your body?

Is that time in larger chunks, like working out for an hour, only to ignore your body for the rest of the day? Or does a 10-minute walk help set you up to be connected to your body throughout the morning?

How much time do you invest in your body, even when you are in the midst of other responsibilities (for example, doing a few stretches at your desk or taking a short walk during your lunch break)?

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