What’s the First Step to Getting Happy with your Body?

What’s the First Step to Getting Happy with your Body?

Imagine feeling good about your body. Imagine having a sense of how to address your body’s changing needs. Imagine being able to decipher your body’s subtle aches and pains and turn them into greater understanding and solutions. Imagine a time in the near future when you feel comfortable in, confident with, and relaxed about your body. A time when you are willing and able to listen to your body and make choices that feel good to your body and satisfying to you. And perhaps most importantly, a time when criticizing your body is a thing of the distant past.

Sound like a dream? In a way, it is.

It is my dream for you.

But it is not a dream that is lofty or unattainable. This dream is within your reach. If you are curious, excited, and willing, you can learn how to transform your dream into a day-to-day reality.

But this dream is going to take some conscious attention. You may even call it work. I like to call it practice.

It’s also going to take a willingness to shift your consciousness to accept that if you’re interested in getting happy with your body, you’re going to have to build it.

Build what?

Build a relationship with your body, just like you develop healthy and loving relationships with others in your life.

Take some time and think about those loving, honest and healthy people in your life which you have fun, loving and respectful relationships with. Consider how you treat one another. The way you talk to each other. How you consider one another needs.

Now, take that same healthy relationship and put it in the context of your body.

The first step towards getting happy with your body is becoming aware that you CAN have a relationship with your body just like other loving people in your life.

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