What About Your Time, Attention & Energy?

The last few blogs I’ve been proposing that you can have a relationship with your body–just like relationships you have with other meaningful people in your life.

We’ve been looking at what we think is bothering us about our body and also what we think and will help us get happy with our body.  All of these questions are in preparation for actually cultivating the relationship based on how we feel now versus thoughts and feelings of the past.

I find it is also important to look at three other elements that weigh heavily on our relationship with our body–time, attention and energy.  Why is it important to get real with these three? Because they are finite. We will want to get more clear on what we have to give in order to be able to give it!

In any relationship, you have offerings—what you give to another. Time, attention, and energy are all gifts you bring to invest in a healthy relationship.

The quantity and quality of these three gifts determine the nature of the relationship. A greater investment of time, energy, and attention will equate to a more involved relationship. The quality of your time, energy and attention will determine the quality of the relationship.

If I invest all my time, all my energy, and all my attention into my body, I can become obsessed.

If the attention I give my body is filled with negative thoughts, my relationship will not be a supportive one.

So not only the amount but also the quality of our time, energy, and attention are three important ingredients. You get to decide what is just right for you and your body.


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