Refreshing. Engaging. Unique.

"This isn't your typical eat right and exercise talk."


Why Jill?

"Jill's warm style comes through right away. She is so funny!  She has a unique way of weaving in her stories, and experiences that are relevant and entertaining. I filled up on her authenticity and her appreciation forthe human body, the happy body."




I had a big, a-ha moment.” “I never thought about my body like that.” Jill consistently delivers a-ha moments which serve as seeds for transformation. She goes
beyond the traditional diet and exercise approach and brings new life
and energy into your current wellness program.

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Inclusive & Engaging

Jill dissolves the punitive “healthy versus unhealthy” model. Jill empowers individuals to create well-being no matter what stage, age, shape, or size. Whether recovering from an illness or injury; younger or midlife; fit or desiring to be fit, her approach includes all members of your group.


Unique Approach

Jill’s approach integrates with their current life. Your group is busy. They may be stressed. The last thing they need is something more to do. Jill uniquely shares with your group how to BE with their body to create better wellbeing, instead of giving them another list of healthy things they should DO. 



Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns serve up snack-size bites of intrigue and inspiration.  Jill shares her unique Relationship Mindset Approach to living well and happy in our bodies.

Keynotes & Conferences

Looking to freshen up your conference? Jill offers inspiring keynote addresses as well as pre-conference movement sessions in meditation, yoga and dance. 

Programs for Organizations

Jill crafts signature wellbeing workshops and programs for your organization's wellness week, corporate retreat or as a part of your ongoing corporate wellness program.

Tips & Tools

Inspiring articles, insightful videos, and helpful resources to support you along your way.

Success Stories

Jill opened the door to acceptance, a way of dealing with the changes in my body and my age.
She helped me change the self-image of my life at age 55. Thank you, Jill!
Sindy T., 55 

You are a kind, authentic, nonjudgmental and gifted mentor
as you teach and model how movement can be a mindfulness practice.
You are gifted at teaching me how to bring joy, self-acceptance,
and nurturing into my life. I'm so grateful!
Joy P., 62

Wow! What a difference you have made in my life. You helped me replace the word "exercise" with "movement". You taught me that movement could be a playful and fun sensory experience that not only feeds my physical well-being but my emotional and spiritual self as well.
Karen F., 52


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members or employees about how they can begin to Get Happy w/y Body?

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