Shift your Gears Energy and Emotional Health

Saw this sign in the massage room today after treating myself to an indulgent treatment called Body Bliss….Thai massage + facial. Yum! This sign, however, really struck me as I was lying down in my bedded bliss. I asked myself: “what’s my rush?”

“How much happier could I be if I slowed down and let happiness catch me?”

I love how slowing down feels to my body. Just taking time to saunter— yes, I said the word ~~SAUNTER~~!
Slower breath.
Slower walk.
Slower steps up the stairs.

All make my nervous system happier.

What if you took some time to change your body’s speed and see how it feels to you? Walk faster OR slower than your natural walk.

What does your body report back to you?

Speed is one of those crazy ingredients that literally affect our energy. You can choose the pace that feels best for your body right now, understanding that your needs (and your body’s pace) will change throughout the day.

Perhaps moving fast for a few minutes actually feels good, like you’re shaking your energy up/stimulating it.
Or maybe you are feeling over-stimulated, and it’s time to dial it back, for a while?

What is really healthy for our bodies is to CHANGE IT UP.– A healthy dose of a variety of *conscious* speed. To be curious about what we may need and receptive to what our body needs.

Speed is not just a tool we can use to shift our body physically. It is a powerful tool for changing how we feel emotionally. Anxiety often comes with a sense of feeling overdone. Overanxious. Overwhelmed… all the “overs.” Depression can feel like a sluggishness. Lifeless. Stagnant and stuck.

So change the pace of your body whether you want to become calmer or liven yourself up!

Changing the speed with which you move your body, in small doses, can create subtle and meaningful shifts in how you feel emotionally.

And better yet, shift gears with some of your other favorite elements: like having music playing or being in nature. Dance (nothing fancy…just move!) in your living room to slow melodic music to help anxiety diminish or briskly walk outdoor to increase a feeling of lightness.

Experiment and ask “is this pace (shift in gears) helping me feel better?” (Yes, even if it is temporary!)

Together your body can support creating shifts in your emotional and mental states effectively and if used creatively, you can have a lot of fun playing too!

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