Get Happy with Happy Hour Talks

An introduction to a new, happy, habit.


Join Jill Pagano, creator of The Happy Body Habit®, in a light-hearted morning of “ah-ha! And oh, yeah!”. Let’s have fun talking about our ever-changing body!.

  • Have you experienced a recent injury or illness that has left you confused about your body?

  • Are you increasingly frustrated or disappointed with how your body looks, feels or acts?

  • Finding what use to work to “fix your body”, no longer does?

You are not alone. Many smart and health-conscious individuals, who thrive in all areas of their life, become confused and deeply discouraged with their body at the onset of injury, illness or signs of aging.

“I’ve been active my whole life but now this…”

The problem is strict diets, rigorous exercise or “rest and it will get better” approaches don’t offer long-term solutions and frankly, aren’t very much fun or incredibly interesting. The key isn’t someone else fixing us or whipping us back into shape. The key to Get Happy with your Body is to make a happy habit out of aligning your choices and actions to your body’s changing needs.

We need a Happy Body Habit® plan!

In this introductory gathering, Jill will introduce you to her steps that will
help you Get Happy with your Body, once and for all.

Looking for a speaker?

to come in and share with your guests,
members or employees how they can begin to
Get Happy w/y Body?

Happy Body Habits: The Practice

1:1  Personal coaching  w/Jill


A four month, private coaching session to help you create a Happy Body Habit. Coaching consists of monthly private lesson sessions with a second
session to follow up with any questions and to share your insights.

Throughout the month Jill is one-touch available by email or text, to answer questions, help you stay motivated and inspired.

Like to learn more? Contact Jill for your 30-minute introductory
"clarity call" to see how private coaching can help you on your path to
"Get Happy with your Body"