Hi there, I'm Jill.

I'm an ambassador for the human body, and I’m here to help you get happier with your body, once and for all.

I’m guessing you’ve done some sleuthing on a few wellness websites. I bet you’ve tinkered with a few diets. Dragged yourself to the gym, too. Downloaded a new app or counted your steps. And when you ask for help most experts say “change your diet and start to exercise”. Well, you’ve likely already tried that. Once, maybe twice (or 30 times). In the US we spend over 80 BILLION dollars, annually, on weight loss and exercise. Yet our rates of obesity and chronic illness continue to rise. Clearly, diet and exercise aren’t working.

We need a new approach. Welcome to the Happy Body Habit.



Acknowledge your body at least once each and every day. And gain self-love.


-Jill Pagano

Create a Relationship
with your Body. 

I created The Happy Body Habit out of my three decades of experience. As a fitness instructor helping bodies look better; A post-rehab personal trainer helping bodies perform better; And as a somatic educator
helping bodies feel better.


"Getting Happy with
Your Body."

What does it mean?

GHwyB is my approach to being healthier
and happier. It’s finally time to stop DOing things TO our body,
like diets and exercise, and instead, become more human!


My childhood nickname was “Shaky-Jake”—the one who couldn’t stop moving.

I wiggled and danced as a toddler and all the way through college. In the early stage of my career as a fitness professional, I took on the warrior archetype. I wore my body like a badge of fitness perfection. And just like a bully, I told my body what to do until it just couldn't anymore. 

Epstein Barr. Shingles. Chronic Fatigue. Shin splints. Shoulder Impingement.
Plantar Fasciitis. All in the course of a few years.

Even though I was a professional fitness instructor at the height of my career with a body to show for it, I had no idea how to listen to or care for my body.

I didn't realize it was breaking down because of what I was putting it through.
I thought all this illness and injury was, well, normal.

As luck or destiny would have it, in 1996, I took a barefoot, somatic-fitness class. That one magical hour flipped a switch deep inside me. I thought "this is how I want to be with my body." Over the course of 20+ years, I studied somatic movement and learned how to develop a relationship with my body, whether I was moving or not.

That one class was my tipping point and my trajectory for studying a fascinating and sustainable way to learn from, live in and love my body.

Getting Started

Get a taste by downloading my Happy Body Habit Starter Kit. Or jump right in
with Getting Happy with Your Body: Learning to Live in, Learn from and
Love your Body Once and for All

Getting Happy With Your Body

Getting Happy with Your Body guides you on your
journey to understanding, respecting and appreciating your body while being
compassionate towards yourself.

Are you ready to Get Happy
With Your Body?

Getting Happy With Your Body is currently available on Amazon.
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Interested in bringing more
wellness into your work?

I would love to share my program The Happy Body Habit® with your group or organization. The Happy Body Habit® takes the approach outlined in my book and combines it with the latest research on the powerful benefits of
self-compassion and how we form habits.

Happy Body Habit Starter Kit

Ready to Get Happy with your Body?Learn
how six simple mindset shifts can help you change
your body and your life.*Free ebook & audiobook


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