Is Your Glass Half-Empty, All the Time?

This is our third week looking at the common pitfalls that keep us from getting happy with our body. Over the last two weeks, we looked out how being perfect and having an all or nothing mentality are missteps that keep us from getting happy with our body.

This week I discuss the viewpoint of our glass always being half empty.

Pitfall #3 Glass Half-Empty (all the time) 

This is a viewpoint of the mind where the mind only sees what you’ve done wrong and is constantly telling you all about it!

Think of your mind at a Y in the road. You can veer right and see the good of the situation or veer left and see the failure.  When you have a Glass Half-Empty mentality, you tend to only ever turn to the left. Your mind seems to have the left blinker on all the time, not realizing there is another choice—to see the glass half full!  

The PracticeStart Personal Training Your Mind.

That’s right—your mind needs to do some training in the rewiring department. It is going to take practice and a consistent nudging of your conscious (higher self), but you can retrain the mind to “get out of the gutter” and notice the full half.  

Spend some time each day recognizing the choices you made that align with the health and well-being of your body—notice even the seemingly smallest decisions you made. List things like: the water you drank when you woke up; how you cared for your teeth by brushing them in the evening; the deep breathing you did in the car during heavy traffic; the vegetables you ate with dinner; or only one glass of wine when you usually have two. 

Make sure your mind doesn’t cross over into the other road where all of a sudden you are listing what you could have done better. NOPE…stay with reinforcing how you chose well. This will influence your mind to be more positive and self-affirming. 

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