Grab a Coin and Choose You.

I don’t want you to struggle in your body. And if you don’t want to struggle in your body we’d best take out the struggle you are having with your body. I don’t want you and you body to be at odd anymore. They don’t need to be. A war between you and your body is not the original design of your goodness. It was a learned way. And we can unlearn it and rediscover the original way we were meant to be with our body. A way to be together, in partnership with your body. A way where small investments of just-right choices reap big rewards to keep things from getting worn out. Feeling worn out. And replaying worn out situations.

I’m going to ask you right now to make one choice. The choices are two sides of the same coin. Feel free to have some fun and flip a coin if it makes it easier. Ready? Go!

Side One: Today, choose your body.

Side Two: Today, stop whining about how hard it is to choose your body.

No matter which side of the coin you get, you are going to win. They both bring you closer to having a better experience in and with your body. If you get side one–begin by “choosing your body”. When you go to make a choice, decide if you are going to choose what is best for your body–the simple choices—getting more rest, taking a short walk, drinking more water and having an extra bite of fruit or vegies. Notice the conversation in your head and your decision. Ideally, do your best to make more body-friendly choices.

If you get side two of the coin–notice today how often you are putting down or complaining about your body. Notice what words you say aloud, to yourself, and/or others. You know, the whining. The complaining. And for today, catch yourself and choose to stop. You may not have successful at first, but bringing your attention to the stark reality that you are actually choosing to speak in negative way about yourself and your body, can be quite eye (and heart) opening.

Both sides of the coin are a new practice. Be kind to yourself. You likely won’t catch yourself every time. Or even sustain the practice for an entire day (half-day, ugh…hour!). You may find it difficult to actually change the habit. That is okay for now. What I’m inviting you to is recognize is you have the choice.

Photo by Olayinka Babalola on Unsplash

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