Gotta Start Somewhere. Let’s Be Honest.

Taking stock of where you are now is an integral part of building a relationship with your body.  In Chapter One of Getting Happy with your Body, we assess how we honestly feel right now about our body.

I think it is a rare occurrence when we step back, sit down, and truly consider what getting happy with our body looks and feels like to us and our body.

We are so accustomed to thinking five pounds, a half-marathon, or a size smaller will finally give us the satisfaction we want. And any of those may, rightfully so, make us feel great. But what about the next day, the next month, or the next year? Are you always chasing another achievement in order to feel satisfied with your body?

If so, this can be dangerous territory because at some point, at some age, your body may not be able to do what you want or need it to do in order to feel good about it. Attaching your personal happiness to specific outcomes can lead to unnecessary disappointment and dissatisfaction when instead you can learn to live and respond to your needs while respecting your body’s abilities today.

As you embark on the path to rekindling the relationship between you and your body, you’ll want to have a sense of where you currently are with your body and what you desire moving forward. Not so you can judge yourself for your shortcomings or disappointments. Quite the contrary. Instead, so you can recognize your progress and transformation. Recognizing your current state of being will help you create a marker to reflect on, especially times when your progress feels stagnant.

Go ahead. Embark on the path of honesty.

How do you feel, right now?

  • I’m ______________about how my body looks.
  • I’m______________ about how my body acts or performs.
  • I’m ______________ about how my body feels.

How would you like to feel in the future?

  • I’d like to feel_______________about how my body looks.
  • I’d like to feel_______________about how my body acts or performs.
  • I’d like to feel_______________about how my body feels.



Photo by Danielle MacInnes 

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