Four Painful Body Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.

Yes, they are out there — hidden and unsuspected dangers. We refer to them as pitfalls, synonymously viewing them as a single step that takes us off our path and has us falling head over heels down a deep, dark and bottomless pit.

Imagine your path: You’re feeling so good about yourself and your body, got a real bounce in your stride, until one wrong step when oops, whoosh, down you go into the vacant ground landing with a hard thud. Yup, you stumbled right down a pitfall.

Sounds like an event that would hurt. Leave us with a few scrapes and bruises. Yes, pitfalls can do damage leaving us a little “worse for wear.” 

There’s truth to this whether we find ourselves physically tripping into a deep hole in the ground or one that leaves us emotionally and mentally worse off. Pitfalls take us off our current feel-good path and bang us up a bit. 

As a body coach and movement educator who helps people get happy with their body by creating happy body habits, I witness and hear many pitfalls that leave people struggling with how their body looks, acts or feels.

  • Sometimes the pitfalls are simple habitual ways people have of thinking about their body and themselves.
  • Sometimes these pitfalls are unconscious ways of speaking with a lack of impeccability towards ourselves. We might even think the words we say “don’t matter.”
  • Other times I hear, pitfalls which are deeper-seated beliefs or self-loathing revealed in short quips and comments.  

When left unnoticed, all pitfalls are poisonous and slowly erode our progress and diminish our strength around making supportive choices to feel happier and healthier.

Thankfully, the way to avoid the gnawing negativity of pitfalls is to shine a light on our personal path. To expose the pitfalls and create practices that allow us to navigate around them.  Conscious steps can help us see and avoid falling into these dark holes.  With consistent practice, we begin to carve out a new way of being with and talking to our body. An approach that lifts us up elevates our spirit, clears our mind, and catapults us above and beyond hidden dangers that lie ahead.

This month I’ll be shedding some light on our most common pitfalls and offering some playful practices to help you rise up, shift your habit, and emerge happier!

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