Discovering “Get Happy with your Body”

In January of this year, I treated myself to an overnight at this lovely quaint resort at the north tip of Washington state. From my room, just across the bay, I could see Canada and the border’s peace arches. I was having a 24-hour Jill-retreat which included nature walking, resting and writing. Outside the cloud covered created a mysterious still and silver landscape. As often happens when I begin writing, I hear things. Many times, I hear words in my own voice. I hear my own thoughts and ideas. These end up on paper. And then, if I’m lucky and listening closely, I hear something not really in my voice— in fact, I’m not exactly sure I hear it feels more accurate to say, I “receive it”. I’ve heard other authors describe this as receiving a download or hearing the voice of the divine. I don’t really know what to name them except they feel like messages…an intuitive transmission. I’m not concerned with naming the messenger, it’s more the message I’m tickled with.

When I receive a message, I get that inhale-pause-did that-really-happen moment. I double check my own thought as if searching to locate them. And my mechanical pencil gets very busy…sometimes a few sentences, often time several paragraphs, yes, as if a flood gate spilled open.

On this silver-toned January day on the coast of Washington state, writing in my home away from home, I got this message.

“Jill, you help people Get Happy with their Body.”

Photo credit Adam Littman-Davis

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