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Club Jill Membership Access

$ 89 billed monthly
  • Single Monthly payment. No auto-renew.
  • Easy: Take three live classes a week.
  • Economical: Download and save any sessions you want!
  • Convenient: All classes are recorded for later viewing!
  • Summer session classes are M/W/Sat morning..

Have a Happier Body & Happier Life

Is COVID-19 and other national events having a dramatic effect on your body, mind, and soul)?

Do you crave moving your body, but find you are less motivated than ever?

Looking for a present, warm, and caring person (and community) guiding you towards better self-care?

Looking for more support? Join Club Jill's MVP program and get affordable 1:1 coaching for the entire month! Interested? Email

One day after the COVID-19 outbreak hit the shores of Seattle, lifelong trainer Jill Pagano felt called to create a safe, welcoming, and nurturing community where people could move their body, calm their mind and nurture their soul. Wanting to serve, without worrying about snappy branding, she simply called it Club Jill.

Jill Pagano has 30 years in the wellness industry as a trainer, educator, and author. Her experience includes traditional fitness, post-rehab personal training and mind-body wellness. Her compassionate and infectious energy will inspire you to love your body.

Keeping it real and at home (just like you!), she hosts from her small home office using her full range of skills from body-centered meditation, dance, and yoga, all while avoiding (most of the time) smacking into furniture, walls or her Great Dane, Winnie.


For just $89 you get immediate access to the group!

Happy Body Stretch & Strength

This class is a combination of unique exercises from Jill's background in dance, yoga, and biomechanics.  Taken at a slow pace, Jill will gently guide you through movements to challenge your body and engage your mind while offering ways to adapt the moves to suit your conditioning level.

Happy Body Meditation

Meditation is a proven way to help you clear your mind and decrease anxiety. Jill's body-centered approach enables you to connect to your body, engage in the present moment and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and centered. Whether sitting, moving or on walking your meditation, you'll learn how to decrease your mind's chaos by living in the present moment.

Happy Body Weekly Lessons

Happy Body Lessons create happier people that live happier lives. Each week, during Club Jill, you'll have a focus. One that brings awareness and healing to your Body, Mind, Emotions, or Soul. 

Jill Pagano has 30 years in the wellness industry as a trainer, educator, and author.

Meet Jill

Jill Pagano is a speaker, author and well-being visionary who shares how living with our body can be delightfully sweet. For over 30 years she has been an ambassador for the human body influencing countless individuals to improve their well-being through movement and mindfulness.

Why work out alone when you can journey with Jill!

$89 for the month of June. No reoccurring billing. All classes in our Facebook Live “Club Jill” group and Zoom. You can download all the videos and keep them for life!

Not sure Club Jill is for you?  100% money-back guarantee
*minus service charges within seven days of purchase.

What do you get?  Oodles of classes, meditations (live and recorded), live Q&A with Jill, and weekly mindfulness lessons plus a welcoming community to help you stay grounded, in your body, and grateful even under these stressful times.

Live classes for more connection and recorded classes for more freedom.

Up to 6 live classes a week, with all the quirks and normalcy of being in a real class with your instructor. Most classes are scheduled during weekday and weekend mornings, but Jill's happy to add class times that work for you.

Plus, you plug into an online community, your Club Mates, that are cheering you on, saying hello and sharing their struggles too.

Need more accountability: Join Club Jill 2.0 and ask about becoming a MVP for 1:1 coaching all month long.

What Club Jill Mates are saying...

“Club Jill has been a godsend! What Jill cooks up is exactly what my body has been craving. Love the stretch and strengthen class… It’s the perfect pace and I love Jill’s knowledge and attention to all the individual muscles.

And all in the comfort of my home!”

— Elise K, 55

“The online community that Jill has built for health and well-being has been exactly what I have needed. 

Jill's positive energy can be felt online and her group welcomed me openly from the very first day..”

— Rob F, 44

“I thought I was enrolling in "just another" exercise class but Jill's class strengthened my body, mind, and soul. Every day has some combination of movement, meditation, stretching, and connection.   Jill's ability to teach, inspire, and encourage is getting me through the days and setting me up for a healthier lifestyle. 

These classes are just perfect..”

— Jill W, 65

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Learn more about Jill's other offerings like her book Getting Happy with your Body and her program The Happy Body Habit.® 

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