Sacred Emergence Podcast – Episode #17

What a treat to spend time with my dear friend Michelle Wong. Need a little body boost? Take a few minutes and listen to our short and sweet talk about one simple mindset shift that can have you getting happy with your body easier and quicker than you think! Questions? Thoughts? Love to hear from … Read more

Do You Have to Act Perfectly?

This month I’m sharing with you the common pitfalls that keep us from getting happy with our body. A pitfall can be a single step or a series of missteps that take us off our current path and into a new, less favorable direction. Pitfall #1 Perfectionism Syndrome – having to be perfect all the time.  Perfectionism thinking can derail us from … Read more

Four Painful Body Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.

Yes, they are out there — hidden and unsuspected dangers. We refer to them as pitfalls, synonymously viewing them as a single step that takes us off our path and has us falling head over heels down a deep, dark and bottomless pit. Imagine your path: You’re feeling so good about yourself and your body, got a real bounce in your stride, until one wrong step … Read more

I Discovered a Bad Habit..

I’ve been thinking a lot about how habits are formed and how habits, particularly bad ones, truly change the way our mind works. Habits are just ways of thinking that we’ve settled into – and if we’re not careful, we might not even notice a bad habit when we’ve settled into it! That’s what happened … Read more

Does Shame Discriminate?

Yesterday during a talk I gave on getting happy with our body, a gay gentleman revealed his body shame. He spoke of how within the gay community, there is a significant amount of harsh criticism and judgment around how men’s bodies look. A woman in the back of the room murmured “…try being a woman”. … Read more