What About Your Time, Attention & Energy?

The last few blogs I’ve been proposing that you can have a relationship with your body–just like relationships you have with other meaningful people in your life. We’ve been looking at what we think is bothering us about our body and also what we think and will help us get happy with our body.  All … Read more

What’s the First Step to Getting Happy with your Body?

Imagine feeling good about your body. Imagine having a sense of how to address your body’s changing needs. Imagine being able to decipher your body’s subtle aches and pains and turn them into greater understanding and solutions. Imagine a time in the near future when you feel comfortable in, confident with, and relaxed about your body. A time … Read more

Are You Harming Your Body by Escaping Shame?

When we shame and blame ourselves, we create feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment, and levels of self-loathing. After a hefty dose of shame, our survival mechanism kicks in and we desperately, nearly unconsciously, develop ways for us to escape these negative feelings. We emotionally flee by either numbing the bad feelings or overcompensating to create good … Read more