Discovering “Get Happy with your Body”

In January of this year, I treated myself to an overnight at this lovely quaint resort at the north tip of Washington state. From my room, just across the bay, I could see Canada and the border’s peace arches. I was having a 24-hour Jill-retreat which included nature walking, resting and writing.  Outside the cloud covered created a mysterious still and silver landscape. As often happens when … Read moreDiscovering “Get Happy with your Body”

Banishing Ugly…the Body Struggle.

We cannot leave our body behind. At least not forever. It will eventually need our care. It will at some point demand our attention. Let’s do it sooner while small adjustments and self-care can keep us feeling vibrant and healthy. How about we not wait until things get Ugly… I think you have a sense about what I mean by … Read moreBanishing Ugly…the Body Struggle.