Banishing Ugly…the Body Struggle.

We cannot leave our body behind. At least not forever. It will eventually need our care. It will at some point demand our attention. Let’s do it sooner while small adjustments and self-care can keep us feeling vibrant and healthy. How about we not wait until things get Ugly… I think you have a sense about what I mean by capital “U” Ugly. I’m not describing looks as much as I’m describing situations. Ugly with our body is taking a fistful of prescriptions medications whose side effects are as damaging as the symptoms we are taking them for. Ugly is not being able to move the way we want and need to in order to live life with joy and vibrancy. Ugly is having to make amends and consolations because our body and energy are not up for living fully anymore. Life gets very small and limited when our body is no longer able to take us out into it freely, joyfully. All this can happen because a year ago, five years ago, a decade ago we decided to stop caring about our body. Or we didn’t decide to start caring about our body. To me this is the Ugly I’d like to banish from every body on the planet.

How about you?

Are you ready to transform body struggle into body understanding? Ready to take charge of your choices and stop your body from becoming a pesky (or huge!) distraction? Ready to live fully the life of your choosing—your best life, in a happy body?

When we understand our body better, we can begin to create a new reality-filled relationship, one that ebbs and flows, as our body does. We begin to work together—us and our body. Neither one bullies the other. Shames the other or blames the other instead there’s an ongoing conversation— Try it with me now. Take a deep breath and say: “I need you body. I desire to take care of you. I desire to listen to you and your needs.” Deep breath in and out. Listen…can you hear your body? What is it saying back to you?

Mine– “…thank you, I do the best way I know how. I dedicate myself to you for your survival and your dreams.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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