About Me


Professional Experience:

Jill Pagano has worked with thousands of individuals seeking a new way to improve fitness and wellbeing. She’s been featured in local magazine, newspaper, TV and radio. After a series of repetitive stress injuries (due to exercise) and illness (chronic fatigue due to stress) she left the traditional fitness industry in 1995 to pursue a more happy and holistic approach. For the next 20 years, with a glorious new approach, she naively enjoyed near perfect health, in a healthy and fit body. Until age 49, when her story took on a new twist. Sidelined with the “dreaded start of menopause” and a series of reoccurring injuries, Jill took a sabbatical from what “she knew” and became her best research partner and client. Over the next two years, she retooled her already unique approach to specifically help individuals understand their body even amidst the storm of change and uncertainty.  

Jill Pagano's compassionate teaching style is unique.  She blends her fascination of  human body with  inter-personal relationship principles and body-sensing somatics (sensing our body) all to help individual Get Happy with their Body.

Jilll's approach works for people interested in shifting their relationship with their body. Those looking to stop struggling and embrace more joy, peace and connection.

If you currently feel like your body is more work than wellness and hurts more than helps, join Jill for her talks or coaching.

Shaky-Jake Finds Her Groove

Endless foot tapping
and arm swinging earned Jill the family nickname
Shaky Jake --“the one who couldn’t stop moving."
And that has proved true for the last three decades.

  • Moving in 1984, decked out in leg warmers and a head band exercising to Jane Fonda’s workout tapes in the basement of her childhood home. 

  • Moving in college dance class and dance theater without having any formal dance experince and despite the ballet instructor saying she had a lousy point to her foot. 

  • Moving for 10 years as a professional “aerobic instructor” bounding with endless enthusiasm for her 9+ classes a week filled with fun but plenty of repetitive stress injuries. 

  • Moving into the study of Somatic Movement (conditioning and moving based on the body's way) eventually becoming becoming a Nia Faculty trainer offering 7-day somatic intensives (2012-2016).

  • Moving and studying cutting edge alternative forms for the past 20 years like Pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, post-rehab exercise, and somatic movement before mainstream fitness recognized their benefit. 

  • Moving deeper into the body  via Gil Headley's 6-day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection course. In 2016, Jill fulfilled her dream by actually seeing, touching and being with the layers of the human form.  The experience of dissecting and diving into the universe of skin, fat, fascia, muscle, and viscera (organs) was "life changing, awe-inspiring, magical..."  and now provides Jill with a deeper, fully sensory experience to understand the human body.