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Jill Pagano is a speaker, author and well-being visionary who shares how living with our body can be delightfully sweet. For over 25 years she has been an ambassador for the human body influencing countless individuals to improve their well-being through movement and mindfulness.

In her provocative debut book Getting Happy with your Body, Jill daringly asserts it’s time to stop pursuing weight loss and exercise as our only solutions to health and wellness. In fact, she uniquely proposes the answer to feeling better in our body really begins when we change what goes on between our ears.

Jill is the creator of The Happy Body Habit® and innovative corporate wellbeing program that transcends traditional diet and exercise. Her message teaches others how to adopt a relationship-mindset with arguably the most important relationship they are in--the one with their body.

Jill Pagano's compassionate teaching style is refreshing and unique.  She blends her fascination with the human body with intrapersonal relationship principles and body-sensing somatics (sensing our body) all to help individual Get Happy with their Body.

A movement and wellbeing educator for over 25 years, Jill also served as a Faculty Trainer for the Nia Technique where she facilitated six-day (50-hour) intensives teaching students anatomy, movement mechanics, music appreciation, somatics, and mindfulness. She is also certified through The American College of Sports Medicine and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication.

She has appeared on Seattle New Day Northwest television show and contributed to Seattle Women’s Magazine and Pacific Northwest Magazine.

A mother of two, Jill lives in Washington State with her partner, Joel and a too-quick-for-her-liking “emptying nest".

Shaky-Jake Finds Her Groove

Endless foot tapping
and arm swinging earned Jill the family nickname
Shaky Jake --“the one who couldn’t stop moving."
And that has proved true for the last three decades.

  • Moving in 1984, decked out in leg warmers and a head band exercising to Jane Fonda’s workout tapes in the basement of her childhood home. 

  • Moving in college dance class and dance theater without having any formal dance experince and despite the ballet instructor saying she had a lousy point to her foot. 

  • Moving for 10 years as a professional “aerobic instructor” bounding with endless enthusiasm for her 9+ classes a week filled with fun but plenty of repetitive stress injuries. 

  • Moving into the study of Somatic Movement (conditioning and moving based on the body's way) eventually becoming becoming a Nia Faculty trainer offering 6-day somatic intensives (2012-2016).

  • Moving and studying cutting edge alternative forms for the past 20 years like Pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, post-rehab exercise, and somatic movement before mainstream fitness recognized their benefit. 

  • Moving deeper into the body via Gil Headley's 6-day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection course. In 2016, Jill fulfilled her dream by actually seeing, touching and being with the layers of the human form.  The experience of dissecting and diving into the universe of skin, fat, fascia, muscle, and viscera (organs) was "life-changing, awe-inspiring, magical..."  and now provides Jill with a deeper, full sensory experience to understand the human body.

Next Steps

Your journey to banishing body battles, once and for all, starts here.


Getting Happy With Your Body

Getting Happy with Your Body guides you on your journey
to understanding, respecting and appreciating your body
while being compassionate towards yourself.

Happy Body Habit Starter Kit

Ready to Get Happy with your Body? Learn how six simple mindset
shifts can help you change your body and your life.
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