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"My greatest wish is for you to get happy with your body."

Getting Happy With Your Body

In her provocative debut book "Getting Happy with your Body", Jill uniquely proposes the answer to feeling better in our body really begins when we change what goes on between our ears.


The Happy Body Habit®

The Happy Body Habit is a refreshing and compassionate approach to becoming healthy and happy in your body. A wellbeing program that transcends traditional diet and exercise, the Happy Body Habit helps you feel better by "exercising" what goes on between your ears and in your heart.  

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The Happy Body Habit is designed to reverse the habitual thinking that, in terms of health and wellness, we all need to be fixed and someone else is better at telling us what to do.


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Jill Pagano has 30 years in the wellness industry as a trainer, educator, and author.

Meet Jill

Jill Pagano is a speaker, author and well-being visionary who shares how living with our body can be delightfully sweet. For over 25 years she has been an ambassador for the human body influencing countless individuals to improve their well-being through movement and mindfulness.

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Getting Happy With
Your Body

Getting Happy with Your Body guides you on your journey to understanding, respecting and appreciating your body while being compassionate towards yourself


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I would love to share my program The Happy Body Habit® with your group or organization. The Happy Body Habit® takes the approach outlined in my book and combines it with the latest research on the powerful benefits of self-compassion and how we form habits.


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