We can't leave our body behind

atleast not forever...it will eventually need our care.

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“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps
you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable,
and you are worth the effort.” - Deborah Day

Hello! I’m Jill.
I'd like to teach you how to
create Happy Body Habits so you
can leave behind body battles,
once and for all.

Getting Started

Your journey to banishing body battles, once and for all, starts here.

"GHWYB": Happy Hour Talks

Learn the steps of Jill's signature
Happy Body Habits that will inspire you to
"get happy with your body" in a hour. Perfect for an insightful meeting.

Happy Body Jump Start

Reboot the relationship
with your body by investing in a laser focused, half-day private coaching retreat that helps you navigate which Happy Body Habits are the most valuable for you.

Happy Body Habits: The Practice.

Jill's most in depth and personal program. A four-month personal coaching program guiding you
into cultivating peace, freedom and
understanding with your body.

Success Stories

I've been living with chronic pain for many years and I'm always cautious about pushing too hard because my pain can be worse the next day. I find these sessions with Jill to be equal parts gentle and intense and my body and nervous system respond harmoniously. There's no pain the next day! Plus, I'm taking what I learn and weaving it into the rest of my life. Thank you Jill!
Kitty P, 41 

You are gifted at teaching me. You are a kind, authentic, nonjudgmental and gifted mentor as you teach and model how movement can be a mindfulness practice. You are gifted at teaching me how to bring joy, self-acceptance an self-nurturing to my practice and my life. I'm so grateful!
Joy P., 62

Wow! What a difference you have made in my life. Exercise had always been something my doctor told me I "should do more of". I always referred to it distasteful as the "E" word. Well, that all changed the day I met you! You helped me replace the word "exercise" with "movement". You taught me that movement could be a playful and fun sensory experience that not only feeds my physical well-being but my emotional and spiritual self as well.  To this day you inspire and empower me to move in a way that feels good--what a concept!
Karen F., 52

Tips & Tools

Amazing articles and videos to help you start your journey

Discovering “Get Happy with your Body”

May 12, 2018

In January of this year, I treated myself to an overnight at this lovely quaint resort at the north tip of Washington state. From my room, just across the bay, I could see Canada and … Read moreDiscovering “Get Happy with your Body”

Banishing Ugly…the Body Struggle.

Feb 5, 2018

We cannot leave our body behind. At least not forever. It will eventually need our care. It will at some point demand our attention. Let’s do it sooner while small adjustments and self-care … Read moreBanishing Ugly…the Body Struggle.

Grab a Coin and Choose You.

Feb 5, 2018

I don’t want you to struggle in your body. And if you don’t want to struggle in your body we’d best take out the struggle you are having with your body. I don’t want … Read moreGrab a Coin and Choose You.

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